tvtag 6.2.4

Check-in with entertainment

tvtag is a social network app that focuses on sharing your media habits. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Lots of content


  • Lacking international content

Very good

tvtag is a social network app that focuses on sharing your media habits.

Everyone interacts with some form of media – visual or auditory. Tvtag is a social app that shares your habits through the network and connects users of similar tastes.

The tvtag experience is relatively simple. Users search for the media they are interacting with, such as a TV show, movie, or video game, etc. and check in with it. On the user profile it shows check-ins, reviews, likes, and other information. Users of tvtag can also become “gurus” of that specific title by writing reviews and interacting a lot with that particular title.

tvtag users who utilize the app a lot can earn tvtag stickers and discounts with a large list of media providers. So in addition to being an entertainment social network, tvtag works with the media providers that their users are product fans.

The only main problem with tvtag is that it is very specific in the library of content. Most English language products can be found in tvtag, but fans of international media will probably not find what they searched for.

GetGlue is a fun social media experience and with expanded content will be even better.


  • New stream, conversation tab and guides!
  • Stream: A more visual look and feel for the stream that makes what your friends are watching, reading and listening to more fun.
  • Conversation: Keeps track of what you recently checked-in to so you can quickly chat with friends and fans.
  • Guides: Quickly find things to watch, read or listen to with our new Guides for TV, Movies, Music and Books.
  • Brand new unified look across the app.
  • Bugfixes


tvtag 6.2.4